Senior Tech Housecalls was founded as a result of our own personal experiences helping our senior loved ones struggle with their own personal technology battles. We have aging parents who happen to live hundreds of miles away and we are challenged at times to meet their needs when it comes to giving advice or addressing problems with the TV, cell phones or computers.

We love technology and value the role it can play in keeping us connected, entertained and engaged. But we also understand how frustrations can mount when a device doesn’t seem to work quite right or seems difficult to use.

Our years of experience helping our loved ones and their friends understand and successfully use technolgy have helped us to better understand the needs of Seniors and not-so-Seniors alike.

We developed this service so everyone can stay connected. We create an empowering experience that is effective, helpful and positive for all involved.

We want to help make technology work for users so users don’t have to work at their technologies.

We look forward to helping you and your loved ones!

With thanks,

Alison & Kelly

SeniorTech Housecalls, LLC was formed in 2010 in Charlotte, NC.