Stay Connected to Family, Friends and Your Community
Today’s personal technologies provide the promise of “easy to use” and simple installation. But is it really all that easy sometimes? We know firsthand how frustrating new equipment and applications can be. Which button do I push? Which remote control does what? How do I….? The questions can be endless and it can be hard to connect with the right person to help you.

That’s why we are here! We want to help you get comfortable and confident with the technology products you have.

We help you so to use the products you have on hand and make them work for you. Enjoy staying connected with your friends and loved ones. Technology can entertain you and enrich your life.

We help you feel comfortable and confident and can make your existing technology work for you.

Old-Fashioned Service in Your Own Home
User’s Manuals, Quick Reference Guides, and Classroom training sessions can be frustrating, misleading or even unhelpful. You need to understand how to make your equipment work for you. We provide support, tailored specifically to your needs.

Our knowledgeable and patient Technology Guides come to your home to see in person the challenges you are facing and address the problems. No need to drive to us; we prefer coming to you so that we can see your situation in context.

Once we arrive, we’ll clarify your technology challenges, understand your needs and work with you to make sure your electronics support you in your everyday life. We will address the problems or explain step-by-step in clear, easy-to-understand terms, and show you just what you need to do.

We listen, we respond, we coach, we train.

No pressure, no judgment, no impatience, no condescension.

On-Going Support After the Housecall
Our goal is to ensure you are confident and comfortable using your personal electronics before we leave your home. But, everyone needs a backup system. Senior Tech Housecalls actually provides you two levels of back-up support after we leave:

  1. Customized, Written Instructions: If needed, you will receive customized, clear, step-by-step instructions in case you need a quick refresher as to what we discussed during our Housecall.

  2. Telephone Support: Should you ever need a refresher or have a follow-up question, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through it. Your first call after our Housecall is on us.

Call 704-999-8144 or Complete This Form to Schedule Your Housecall!

Respect for Your Security and Time
Allowing a technician into your home may feel like risky business these days. But our Technical Guides wear large clear, visible IDs and arrive in vehicles marked with our company name. Each Guide is hand-picked for his or her technical expertise and approachable style. Guides are fully trained by our management team to provide you the highest in customer service and satisfaction.

We schedule every appointment with a designated start time, so you’ll always know exactly when to expect us. Rest assured we will work with you to set a time that best fits your schedule. If we have the ability to arrive early, we will call you to see if that is convenient for you. We value your time and do not want you waiting for us.

Please always ask for credentials before letting anyone in to your home. Your safety and security are important to us.

It’s No Bother
We know it can be frustrating to try new technology and not understand or quite remember which button to use or what to do. Have a question? Feel free to ask it. And ask it again, if you need to. Thatís why we are here and this is what we love to do. You are never a bother!

Call 704-999-8144 or Complete This Form to Schedule Your Housecall!