Keep Your Loved Ones Close and Connected
Keeping your loved ones connected to family, friends and society is an important part of their long-term well-being. Today’s personal technologies can keep those connections alive and vibrant, but only if your Senior knows how to manage these newest technologies comfortably and confidently.

Senior Tech Housecalls will custom configure your Senior’s devices and address the problems they are having. a. We want to help make technology work for them and guide them on how to use these devices in their everyday lives. And, as needed, we can provide written, clear instructions to remind them of the steps they need to take. Should they have a follow-up question on what was discussed, they can just give us a call and we’ll walk them through it again.

Compassionate Guidance When You Cannot Be There
Whether you live across the street, across town, or across the country, it’s difficult to be available every time your loved one needs you for technical support, insight or instruction.

With Senior Tech Housecalls, you know that your loved one’s needs are being met. In this way, you can focus on your own family, fulfill your career responsibilities, or address the other needs your Senior may require.

Support that Helps You
In addition, we know it’s sometimes easier for a Senior to take advice or listen to a different set of compassionate ears. So, let our Technology Guide help you support your loved ones by providing them caring and patient guidance, along with expert technical support. Help them receive clear and patient advice and instruction, customized to their particular needs. We work hard to achieve an overall positive experience every time.

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